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Geographic Disparities in OB GYN Care

Geographic disparities in OB GYN care can contribute to several inequalities, from increased maternal complications to lower rates of cervical cancer screening to poorer outcomes in breast cancer. For many patients, their geographic location not only affects their ability to access OB GYN care overall, but it also affects access to the right level of OB GYN care. Read More



Insurance Status and Health Disparities for Women

Numerous studies have recognized a lack of health insurance coverage as a potential driver of health disparities. Women from low-income households, minorities, immigrants, and women from the southern portion of the United States have higher rates of being uninsured. Read more



Representation of Minorities in Research and Health Disparities

Representation of minorities in clinical research has been a topic of focus for decades. While some improvements have been made, data shows that minorities are still often underrepresented in research studies and clinical trials. Additionally, the number of research studies specifically targeted at studying health outcomes in minority populations remains low. Read more

    Disparities in Breast Cancer Outcomes and Survival

    While breast cancer survival rates have continued to improve overall, some groups still face disparities—particularly Black women. In general, African American women, especially those with low socioeconomic status, are less likely to receive screening mammograms from high-quality centers and more likely to delay care. They are diagnosed with more aggressive cancers and have higher overall death related to breast cancer. Read more



    Health Disparities and the Diversity of the Health Care Workforce

    Especially in health disparities for minority racial and ethnic populations, the lack of diversity in health providers is often cited as a factor contributing to barriers to care. Overall, the racial and ethnic makeup of physicians does not always align with the diverse racial and ethnic composition of the country and patients. Read more



    Health Disparities and Historic Mistrust in the Health System

    Some studies on health disparities in minority populations have identified medical mistrust as a factor that may contribute to these disparities. Especially among the African American population, surveys show that there are higher levels of distrust in the health system among racial and ethnic minorities. Read more