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FAQs for Fellowship Program Administrators

A downloadable PDF of these FAQs is available at the end of this webpage.

1. What faculty needs to be added to our program?

Only those faculty who have an active role in the fellowship and are ABOG certified or eligible for certification in obstetrics and gynecology or in the subspecialty. Do not add other faculty (Ph.D. researchers, other department faculty, etc.) or those with minimal fellow contact.

2. Our program only became accredited this year. Do we still have to do the annual report and pay the annual fee?

No. Annual reports are for the current academic year. If your first fellow will not begin until the following academic year, there will not be any information to input. You will need to file the annual report, including the annual fee, beginning next year.

3. How do we inactivate our fellowship?

Please send a request in writing from the Program Director to fellowship@abog.org. You will also need to notify ACGME (and ABMGG if it is a combined program).

4. Why is ABOG asking for clinical data? We already report our case logs to ACGME.

ACGME accredits the program. ABOG must be able to verify that the individual meets the requirements to be eligible to sit for the exams. We are working hard to streamline this process, and we will release new information as that evolves. For now, please be sure your fellows track the requested clinical data. 

5. What do we do if one of our faculty do not have an ABOG ID?

Please email fellowship@abog.org. We will send you a list of required information to get the faculty an ABOG ID.

6. In reporting fellow’s publications, what should be included?

Only those that have been published. Anything that has been submitted or accepted for publication should not be included on this list. We need to be able to verify all data.

7. Where do we list faculty publications?

The ABOG is no longer tracking faculty publications. These do not need to be recorded anywhere.

8. What happens after we submit our annual report?

The Division will review each annual report at their summer Annual Meeting (dates are accessible from the ABOG Home Page by clicking Important Dates on the right side of the screen). Within two weeks of this meeting, a letter will be posted to your Annual Reports page. This letter will note if the report was accepted or if concerns were found. If concerns were found, there may or may not be a progress report requested. Only submit a progress report if one is requested.

9. When do we advance our fellow’s year/change graduating fellows to completed?

The Fellowship Department of ABOG will send you an email around August 1 advising that it is time to make these changes. DO NOT change this information until you have been explicitly told to do so. 

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