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"Board certification gives not only us physicians the ability to brand ourselves as somebody who has gone the extra mile to make sure that we're up-to-date in what we need to provide for patients, but it also allows the public to know that. It also allows them to know that by having board certification, the type of care they're going to receive [from a board-certified physician] is likely to be more evidence-based."

Dr. Eduardo Lara-Torre


What is "Maintenance of Certification?" What is "Evidence-Based Medicine?" Watch these two short videos to find out. 

ABOG has produced two videos for you to hear from physicians and learn what "maintenance of certification" is and why it's important. The second video provided below explains what it means to practice "evidence-based" medicine and why it's important for your OB GYN to provide care using evidence-based treatment practices.


ABOG_ What is Maintenance of Certification_ HD

ABOG_ What is Evidence-Based Medicine_ HD1



Go back to Women's Health Resources main page. Or visit our FAQs page for more details about board certification, what's involved with becoming certified, and the value in seeking out a certified OB-GYN or certified subspecialist (and find out what a subspecialist is).