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2020 Subspecialty Certifying Exam FAQs

Posted on July 20, 2020


With the significant increase of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations across the nation and the mounting projections of continued surges into the fall, we do not believe that we can safely administer an in-person examination. We sought expert input from national OB GYN and public health leaders and concluded that it is not safe to administer an in-person examination in November. The health of all participants (and those with whom they come into contact) is paramount and we cannot ask anyone to take undue health risks. And despite thoroughly investigating multiple options with a test delivery company, we are unable to administer the examination virtually in 2020.

ABOG will be scheduling the 2020 candidates into April of 2021. Our staff is working with vendors to determine when we can book a second week in April. We will release those dates as soon as possible.

Over the last several months, we have been exploring multiple options to administer the CE virtually. We fully investigated using Zoom or a similar platform and worked with a test delivery company to try to administer a virtual CE. There are important aspects of our CEs that complicate platform development and programming. Despite our best efforts, there remain insurmountable technical obstacles to successfully deliver the CE virtually this year.

No. Your current application will apply to the April 2021 exam, and case lists, theses, and affidavits will also carry over into the April 2021 exam.

All fees will be credited to the April 2021 examination. However, if you wish to withdraw from the exam completely, please contact exams@abog.org as soon as possible. Please include your ABOG ID number in your message so assistance can be provided more efficiently.

Contact exams@abog.org as soon as possible to advise them of your situation. Please include your ABOG ID number in your message so assistance can be provided more efficiently. 

No. Your eligibility will automatically be extended by one year.

Candidates will be notified approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the new examination week of the date and time of their examination.

Please contact us at exams@abog.org. We will speak with or write to your employer or credentials office to explain that the delay is unavoidable for public health reasons due to COVID-19.