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Subspecialty Examiner Self-Nomination

Annual Application Period February 1 - June 30



Required Qualifications for Subspecialty Certifying Examiners


  1. Nominees must be an ABOG Diplomate and certified in their subspecialty (GO, MFM, REI, or URPS) for at least three full years by the close of the application period (certified in 2021 or earlier). CFP self-nominations are not being accepted in the current self-nomination period.

  2. Nominees must hold current, active certification and be participating in the Maintenance of Certification process for their subspecialty.

  3. Nominees must be involved in graduate medical education (residents or fellows).

  4. Nominees must be clinically active in the U.S. and involved in patient care at least an average of a half day per week averaged over a month.

  5. If a nominee is chosen, their term as an examiner will not exceed 10 years. However, up to three non-consecutive sabbatical years may be taken during the 10 years and additional time will be granted to extend the examiner term to a maximum of 13 years total.




Self-Nomination Process



Applications require the following documents that should be ready to upload when submitting a self-nomination:

  • a statement of interest (cover page) that in 150 words or less explains why the nominee is interested/qualified to serve as an examiner,

  • a CV, and

  • a completed Examiner Endorsement Form.





  1. Nominees should review their ABOG profile prior to submitting a self-nomination to ensure that the personal information and hospital practice sections are complete and up to date.
  2. Nominees must complete the self-nomination online form by June 30 to be placed on the list of potential subspecialty examiners to be considered for the following year of subspecialty certifying examinations.
  3. To apply, nominees must log in to their ABOG portal dashboard and click on the purple Administrative Tasks tab to access the “Self-Nomination Form” task. Complete the form and upload the completed documents as requested.
  4. Confirmation of receipt of a submitted self-nomination will be sent within one week of submission.
  5. New and alternate examiners from the list will be selected based on demographic characteristics (age, gender, race/ethnicity, location, etc.) representative of ABOG diplomate characteristics.
  6. ABOG will invite new and alternate examiners by December 31 for the following April subspecialty certifying examinations.
  7. Self-nominations are considered annually. If a nominee is not selected for the upcoming exam cycle, a new application should be made for future consideration.