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One of the requirements for sitting for the Subspecialty Qualifying Exam is a signed Fellowship Training Affidavit. The affidavit is signed by the Fellowship Program Director, attesting to the fellow's satisfactory competence and completion of the program.  

The affidavit will be listed as a task on the current Program Director’s ABOG portal. Program Directors should log in to their portal and click on the Sign Training Affidavits task to complete the process for fellows who are completing training within the next 31 days. Test results will not be released to a candidate until the affidavit is completed. 

Once the Program Director has signed electronically, verifying completion of training for a fellow, Program Managers will be able to see a confirmation of completion of verification by the fellow’s name on the program’s portal page in the Add/Maintain Fellows Task. 

Fellows must complete their training, thesis, and presentation of their thesis by September 30, of the year of the examination, to meet the requirements for that years' examination. If you have a fellow whose fellowship has been extended beyond September 30, please contact the ABOG Fellowship Department at fellowship@abog.org. Any fellow who takes the Subspecialty Qualifying Exam without successfully completing fellowship, thesis, and presentation of their thesis by September 30, of the year of the examination will have the results voided. No refunds will be issued.

If you encounter problems or have questions, please call the Fellowship Department at 214-871-1619 or email fellowship@abog.org. We are happy to assist you.

If your program was recently accredited by ACGME and you have not received your program's ABOG login information, please send an email to fellowship@abog.org and include your ACGME program number.

  • Registration starts after you have accepted a fellow (earliest registration date is October 1 for the next academic year).
  • The deadline for registration is 90 days prior to the commencement of the fellowship (e.g., April 1 for a July 1 start date).
  • If a fellow completes their fellowship training without being registered with ABOG, they will not meet the eligibility requirements to sit for the Subspecialty Qualifying and Certifying Exams.
  • Only register fellows who are eligible to be certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology by ABOG after the completion of the OB GYN residency (See Specialty Qualifying Exam and Specialty Certifying Exam for eligibility requirements). Any onther fellows are considered non-candidate fellows and must not be registered.

  • Enter the incoming fellow's ABOG ID. (Residents are required to be entered into the ABOG system at the beginning of their residency, so they will have an ABOG ID). If you do not have their ABOG ID, you can search by their name and date of birth or request the ABOG ID number from the fellow. If you experience issues finding an incoming fellow in our system, please contact fellowship@abog.org.
  • Enter the expected start date.
  • If the resident will be a Combined Specialty/Genetics trainee, answer "yes"; otherwise, leave "no".
  • The expected end date will populate automatically.
  • Click "Confirm Add".
  • Please wait 15 minutes for this person to appear on your fellow list.

Trainees in a combined program must be registered prior to the first year of training regardless of whether they start in the Genetics Residency of the Subspecialty Fellowship. Also, these trainees are required to be registered with ABMGG by completing a Trainee Information Form.

Annually Recurring Deadlines (All dates end at 5 p.m. CT)
Fellow Registration Due for July 1 Start Date* April 1
Annual Report Open April 15
Fellowship Training Affidavit Available for Fellows Graduating June 30** May 31
Annual Report Due July 15
Fellow Registration for Next Academic Year Open October 1

*Fellows must be registered no later than 90 days prior to beginning their fellowship.


**Training affidavits are available 31 days prior to scheduled date of fellowship completion. Fellows must complete their training by September 30 to meet the requirements for that year's examination.


2024 Qualifying Exam Deadlines
January 3, 2024 Qualifying Exam Application Available Online
February 16, 2024 Last day to apply for the Qualifying Exam without late fee
March 1, 2024 Final deadline to apply for the Qualifying Exam
January 2024 to March 2024 Candidates will be notified of approval to take the examination and to make a Pearson VUE Testing Center reservation
April 26, 2024 Last day to reserve seat a Pearson VUE prior to seat block release
July 22, 2024 Qualifying Examination at testing centers

*Examination results will not be released to the candidate unless the completed affidavit is received.