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Hundreds of board-certified OB GYNs volunteer countless hours each year to help maintain the highest standards in OB GYN certification and maintenance of certification. They represent a wide range of practice types, ages, genders, locations, ethnicities, and experiences. ABOG is seeking individuals from diverse backgrounds to join our growing team of volunteers.


Why volunteer?


  • Improvement of care for patients
  • Collaboration with colleagues
  • Networking opportunities with OB GYNs across the country
  • Enhance your volunteer experience on your CV



Open Positions


Accordingly, ABOG is accepting CFP, GO, MFM, and FPMRS/URPS Division Member nominations until Monday, September 25, 2023.

Each subspecialty division has six members. The divisions assist in setting standards for subspecialty certification, examinations development and delivery, and development of continuing certification programs. ABOG is a 501(c)(3) organization. To protect the integrity and credibility of ABOG and its activities, those in leadership positions must avoid conflicts of interest and the appearance of such conflicts with respect to its decisions, actions, standards, and examinations. 

Subspecialty division member must be:

  • An ABOG Diplomate participating in Maintenance of Certification;
  • Current or past volunteer in ABOG programs or activities (certification examiner, committee member, exam development, item writer, etc.);
  • Clinically active in either CFP, GO, MFM, or FPMRS/URPS subspecialty practice; 
  • Involved in Graduate Medical Education of OB GYN residents or subspecialty fellows; and
  • Free of conflicts of interest with relationships with pharmaceutical and device companies (e.g., employment, consulting, honoraria, compensation, ownership, stock, license, or royalty) and organizations that are not aligned with the ABOG mission, vision, and core values. 

View the full nomination requirements and the nomination form here.

Application period: September 1- February 1

Required Qualifications for Specialty Certifying Examiners

  1. Nominees must be an ABOG Diplomate in Obstetrics and Gynecology for at least three full years and be participating in Maintenance of Certification.
  2. Nominees may not be in a subspecialty certification process, with the exception of Complex Family Planning Senior Candidates, who are eligible to apply for Specialty examiner.
  3. Nominees must be involved in undergraduate medical education (students) or preferably graduate medical education (residents or fellows).
  4. Nominees must practice in the United States and be clinically active (involved in patient care at least an average of a half day per week averaged over a month).
  5. If a nominee is chosen, their term as an examiner will not exceed 10 years or past the age of 62.

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