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Verification and De-Identification

Each list of obstetrics and gynecology patients from each hospital and surgical center must be verified on the appropriate affidavit form. The medical record librarian or similar hospital official must submit a statement attesting that:

  • The patients listed were cared for by you
  • All of the hospitalized patients dismissed from your care have been separately listed or reported in the totals for the period indicated.

For cases chosen from the fellowship or senior residency year, the affidavit must be obtained from your Program Director or the medical records librarian and must be uploaded to ABOG online through the Case List Entry System located on your portal. There is no affidavit for office practice cases.

The list of patients you provide is subject to independent verification and audit by an agent or employee of ABOG. As a condition of candidacy, you agree to cooperate fully with any audit authorized by the Board, but not limited to:

  • Providing full and unrestricted access to your office records of patients for whom you had personal responsibility for professional management and care during the period for which the lists of patients are required
  • Authorizing access to such hospital or other institutional records as the ABOG deems necessary, in its absolute discretion, to verify the completeness and accuracy of the patient lists you submitted
  • Using your best efforts to obtain, where necessary and possible, written patient consent to release to the Board information concerning the patient's condition and treatment

Any audit undertaken by the Board pursuant to the authority granted by the section shall be conducted in compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

The case lists submitted to the ABOG office must not contain the patient hospital number or other identifying information other than age.

  • The de-identification of patient case lists doesn't allow the omission of any patients under your care, which are otherwise to be reported.
  • The completeness of your case list is subject to audit.
  • If you're found to have not listed any case that is required, you'll be subject to disqualification from the exam and other discipline as appropriate.