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Post-Exam Information

Questions? Contact the Exams Department at exams@abog.org or 214.871.1619.


  • Results of the 2021 Qualifying Exam will be reported online to you by September 30, 2021.
  • Your result will be reported as a Pass or Fail, not a raw test score. Regardless of whether you pass or fail, a list of the percent scored in each of the major topic areas will be available on your ABOG portal.
  • The cut-point for passing the Qualifying Exam is determined each year after psychometric evaluation of the results.
  • As part of the application process, you have to agree that the results of your Qualifying Exam may be made available to the program director of any residency program that you may have participated in or in which you're currently involved. This means you waive any rights to having the exam results maintained in confidence.
  • Results can also be provided to the American Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) for any and all purposes as part of the same agreement per the application process.
  • Also as part of the application process, you're required to release and agree to indemnify and hold ABOG and its officers, directors, and employees harmless of and from any and all claims you may have with regard to the effect or impact upon you of the release of your exam results to any of the individuals or entities mentioned above.
  • A passing grade on the Qualifying Exam doesn't ensure your admissibility to the Certifying (Oral) Exam, nor does it allow the use of the term "Board Eligible.”

  • If you're scheduled to take the Qualifying Exam, but don't take it for whatever reason - or if you don't pass the exam, and you want to retake it - you'll have to complete a new application on the ABOG website and pay the fee again.
  • Important: You'll have to meet the requirements in effect the year that you re-submit your application. Check the requirements in place at that point in time before re-submitting, and be sure to meet the application deadline.

ABOG won't accept appeals from candidates seeking to challenge:

  • The content of the exam
  • The sufficiency or accuracy of the answers to exam questions
  • The scoring of the exam
  • The cut score used to determine the passing grade for the exam

A complaint concerning any other matter of the Qualifying Exam should be addressed to the ABOG Executive Director of the Associate Executive Director in charge of examinations. Email exams@abog.org to submit a complaint.

All certificates by ABOG after 1986 are:

  1. Time-limited
  2. Remain only in effect if the diplomate participates in and successfully completes a continuous certification (also known as Maintenance of Certification) process each year

If you're an Active Candidate - meaning you've passed the Qualifying Exam but haven't yet taken the Certifying Exam - you are not required to participate in the continuous certification process.