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COVID-19 FAQs for Subspecialty CE Candidates (April 2020)

Posted on March 13, 2020


The health of all participants (and those with whom they come into contact) is paramount. We cannot ask you or our volunteers to take unnecessary risks due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

ABOG will make every effort to administer the examination on an alternate date later this year. We are unable to determine precisely when this will occur as the COVID-19 situation is ongoing. We will communicate the alternative dates to candidates as quickly as possible.

No. Case lists, theses, and affidavits will not need to be resubmitted.


  • Registration Fee: Your exam fees will be credited to a new 2020 date or the April 2021 examination. If you would prefer to withdraw from the exam and receive a refund, please email us at exams@abog.org and make that request. If you do receive a refund, you will be withdrawn from the 2020 examination and will need to re-apply for a future exam. You must meet the requirements as outlined in the Bulletin for the year of the future exam. If you apply for the 2021 examination, your case list and thesis can be used for that examination.  
  • Airline Fees: Most airlines are allowing ticketholders to rebook within one calendar year without change fees. ABOG will cover any change or cancellation fees up to $300. Email the receipt showing the amount paid to exams@abog.org

No, you will not need to complete another application for the 2020 examination.  

Yes, your application and examination fees, case list, and thesis will be rolled to the 2021 examination. However, you will need to complete the online application for the 2021 Subspecialty Certifying Examination and meet the requirements as outlined in the 2021 CE Bulletin for your subspecialty.

If you are unable to complete your examination during the 2020 examination cycle, your eligibility will be extended by one year.

Once we establish a new examination week, candidates will be notified approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the new examination week of the date and time of their examination.

Please contact us at exams@abog.org. We will speak with or write to your employer or credentialing office to explain that the delay is unavoidable for public health reasons due to COVID-19.

After emailing a copy of your change or cancellation fee receipt (to exams@abog.org), you will receive a check for reimbursement within 30 days.