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Performance Pathway FAQs

Watch this video to learn more about Performance Pathway.

The approved pilot program - now referred to as Performance Pathway - became official in January 2019, which is the formal marker of the program's status as an approved MOC program. See Eligibility Requirements for more details about eligibility.

See Eligibility Requirements to see if you're eligible.

Diplomates in MOC Year 6 are not eligible to participate if they have:

  • A Part II Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment running average (over MOC Years 1-5) of less than 86%;
  • A Probationary certification status;
  • Any current state board disciplinary actions on their licenses, such as revocation, suspension, probation, denial of renewal, or surrender; or
  • Any felony criminal charges, convictions, or pleadings.

To maintain their board certification, diplomates who do not meet the Performance Pathway must take and pass the MOC Part III Exam in Year 6 of their MOC cycle.

No, since you don't need to participate in the MOC process, you're not required to participate in the program. You do have the option of participating in the MOC process, which would then allow you to earn eligibility in this MOC program.

Yes, you still have the option of taking the MOC Exam in Year 6.

Questions? Contact the Maintenance of Certification department at moc@abog.org or 214.721.7510.