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Residency Coordinator System FAQs

  1. Log in with your ABOG ID and password.
  2. Click on "Add Resident" in the Residency Coordinator System.
  3. Enter a Social Security Number of Social Insurance Number (Canada) in the "Add New Candidate" box and click Continue.
  4. Fill in the information regarding your resident and click Add Resident at the bottom of the screen. We recommend that a personal email address be listed for residents instead of a work email address as the email account will be closed once the resident leaves the program.

Listed residents will be assigned an ABOG ID and password, which can be emailed by the Residency Coordinator to the candidate by clicking on "Send Password to Doctor" in the Resident Details screen. Please send your residents their ABOG ID and password and ask them to please log in so their may confirm that their personal information is current and will become familiar with their ABOG portal. Once a resident is added, only the resident can make changes to their address or email information.

  1. Log in with your program's ABOG ID and password.
  2. Click on Residency Tracking.
  3. To review resident information, click on the resident's ABOG ID number. Make any necessary updates to the State Date, Expected Completion Date, Current Program Year, and Status. If the information is not current, your senior residents may not have the application link for the Qualifying Examination make available on their portal during their senior year of residency.

If you have a resident who has/is transferring to another program or is withdrawing, you must update their final date and their status at your program. Once the end date is updated, the Residency Training Affidavit Form link will become available under the resident's name in the Residency Tracking Screen. You should print the form, have the Program Director complete the form and return it to the Board office. The completed form my be faxed to 214.871.1641 or emailed to residency@abog.org.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact the Examination Department at 214.721.7520 or email residency@abog.org.