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Residency Portal FAQs

ABOG wants to engage with residents earlier in their training, promote mastery through ABOG Continuing Certification curated list of articles, and to decrease the burden on residents, Program Directors, and Program Managers at the end of training. 

All OB GYN residents will have access to these updates once they have an ABOG ID. You will continue to have access to these updates until you become an active diplomate. 

No, the improvements to your portal, including having access to articles, comes at no cost to you and is available to you during your residency up until you become an active diplomate. Some articles that are available to you to read are fee-based and not open access. However, they are clearly marked as such, and you’re able to filter those articles out. 

No, you’re not required to read any of the articles or take any of the quizzes to become certified. 

Each year during your residency, you will answer yes or no to whether you have missed more than the allowed 12 weeks per academic year. If you answer yes, you will need to enter in the number of days over the 12 weeks. This will help ABOG and programs keep track of how many days a resident will need to make up at the end of their training.  

In the 4th year of residency, you will need to attest that you have received the equivalent of two months of family planning training. Clarification of this requirement can be found here. This can take place any time during your residency, as long as it equals at least two months. Residents who opt out of this training should select the opt out option on this attestation.  

Because you will be accessing much of the same content, residents will attest to the Professionalism, Professional Standing, and Professional Conduct Policy just as all ABOG Diplomates do. 

New tasks will be assigned each academic year. 


If you have any further questions, please contact the Certification Standards Department at residency@abog.org.