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Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery FAQs

Beginning January 1, 2024, ABOG and the American Board of Urology (ABU) will officially change the name of the co-sponsored Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (FPMRS) subspecialty to Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery (URPS) across our systems.


FPMRS certificates were issued from 2013 through 2023. All new subspecialty certificates issued after January 1, 2024, will be using the URPS subspecialty designation.


OB GYN and Urology candidates who pass the 2024 Certifying Exams will be issued URPS certificates.


ABOG will provide all current FPMRS subspecialists one replacement certificate displaying their certification in URPS.  Detailed instructions for obtaining this replacement certificate will be provided after January 1, 2024. Information on obtaining additional replacement certificates will be communicated at that time. Diplomates’ digital badges will be updated from FPMRS to URPS after January 1, 2024.




For Residents


What does this mean for residents?


The scope of your education and clinical experience should not change during your residency. However, the name of the learning and experience will transition to clearer terms of urogynecology and reconstructive pelvic surgery.



Will this affect me if I am interested in a URPS fellowship?


The ACGME sets standards for subspecialty fellowship programs and accredits programs that meet and maintain compliance with program requirements. The ACGME has proposed to change the name of the subspecialty overseen by each subspecialty’s Review Committee. 


Departments in either specialty may sponsor a fellowship, and that specialty Review Committee will accredit the program. The new name should not change program standards or requirements.



Will the name change affect the URPS fellowship application or match programs?


It may take some time for fellowship programs to convert from FPMRS to URPS, so please pay close attention during fellowship application and interview season. 


Both subspecialty matches use the ERAS for applications and the NRMP Match. A list of the OB GYN fellowship programs can be found on the AUGS website. The Urology fellowship program list can be found on the SUFU website. Some fellowship programs accept only OB GYN residents, some accept only Urology residents, and some accept both OB GYN and Urology residents.




For Fellows


What does this mean to me as a current FPMRS Fellow? 


The name change will not affect any standards for your fellowship program accreditation or eligibility for URPS certification. OB GYN fellows will still be required to pass a computer-based Qualifying Exam and an in-person Certifying Exam to become certified. Starting in CY 2024, the names of these exams will change from FPMRS to URPS.



Will my URPS certification eligibility designation change?


After January 1, 2024, the FPMRS terminology will transition to URPS for fellowship graduates and active candidates for URPS certification. This includes candidates that have passed the FPMRS Qualifying Exam in 2023 and prior years.



When will the first ABOG and ABU URPS certificates be introduced?


In CY 2024, candidates that successfully complete URPS certification will be awarded subspecialty certificates with the new designation. For OB GYN, this will begin with the April 2024 ABOG Certifying Examination. For Urology, this will begin with the July 2024 ABU Certifying Examination.




For Fellowship Program Directors and Faculty Members


What does this mean to me as a Program Director? 


Please take a moment to talk with your residents and fellows about the FPMRS subspecialty name change to URPS. ABOG would like to make this transition as smooth as possible. Any questions can be directed to residency@abog.org or fellowship@abog.org, and our staff will respond shortly.



Will the verification of completion of training need to include separate FPMRS and URPS fellowship years?


No. The verification of training for fellows will be the total time in either an FPMRS or a URPS program that meets eligibility to begin the certification process.




For Candidates for Certification


What does this mean to me as a 2024 Certifying Exam Candidate? 


All active candidates who pass the 2024 Certifying Exam will receive a URPS certificate from ABOG.



I graduated from an FPMRS Fellowship before 2023, and I am not yet certified as a subspecialist. Will I be certified as a URPS subspecialist?


Yes. Your subspecialty diploma will reflect the URPS designation.



I did not pass my most recent FPMRS Qualifying or Certifying Exam. As a repeat candidate for certification, will I be certified as a URPS subspecialist?


Yes. Your subspecialty diploma will reflect the URPS designation. Past performance on the examinations does not affect the name on your subspecialty diploma.




For FPMRS Diplomates


What does this mean to me if I am a certified FPMRS subspecialist? 


If you are currently a board-certified subspecialist in FPMRS, your subspecialty name change will occur after January 1, 2024 to URPS. These changes will occur in the ABOG internal data systems and in the certification status data shared with the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS).


You will be able to print the My Certification Letter from your ABOG portal beginning in January 2024 that will indicate your certification as URPS. This verification letter will contain a statement noting the name change from FPMRS to URPS. 



Can I refer to myself a board-certified urogynecologist or a subspecialist in urogynecology?


Yes. These terms should be better understood by OB GYN colleagues, referring physicians, the public, and patients. 


OB GYN specialists should accurately describe their ABOG certification status. OB GYN diplomates should not refer to themselves as urogynecologists, board-certified urogynecologists, or a specialist in urogynecology if they do not have certification as a URPS subspecialist.



I was certified before 2024. Will I receive a new certificate with URPS designation?


Yes. ABOG will print one URPS replacement certificate for all current OB GYN FPMRS subspecialists. The certificate will have the same name, dates, and signatures as your original. Detailed instructions for obtaining this replacement certificate will be provided after January 1, 2024. You may order additional replacement certificates from Jim Henry, Inc for an additional fee. 


Your FPMRS original document has dates and signatures when you achieved subspecialty certification. The certification also reflects the contemporary standards for FPMRS Subspecialty certification. You may want to keep the original FPMRS certificate for possible credentials verification processes.



Will the ABMS Certification Matters website and other credentialers be notified of the URPS subspecialty name change?


Yes. ABOG will change your subspecialty name designation with ABMS. ABMS acts as a primary source verification (PSV) for many institutions, hospitals, and organizations. A statement from ABOG reflecting the FPMRS to URPS name change will be provided with your new certificate to assist with credentialling questions that may arise. A notation will also be added to the My Certification Letter that can be printed from your ABOG portal.



What if I need to order a replacement FPMRS or URPS certificate? 


After January 1, 2024, all replacement certificates, whether originally FPMRS or URPS, will reflect the URPS designation.  



What if I want an additional certificate? 


You will be able to purchase an additional certificate from Jim Henry, Inc. We will notify you of details in January when we send you your original replacement certificate.  



What labels will I receive for participating in URPS Maintenance of Certification? 


The Maintenance of Certification labels do not display the name of the subspecialty, so the name change from FPMRS to URPS will not affect this process.



Do I need to do anything to update my information in my FPMRS digital badge?


No. The program will transition all FPMRS subspecialty badges to URPS in CY 2024.