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American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology Will Begin Construction on New Building

 November 12, 2021


The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG) has initiated a construction project to replace its office building in the Uptown area of Dallas. ABOG’s new four-story building will be constructed on the organization’s original lot and will house a testing center, meeting rooms, and administrative offices. Construction will begin around January 2022 and will take approximately two years to complete. The testing center will be located on the second floor and will offer 59 examination rooms. There will be several lactation and wellness rooms offered throughout the building, including on the testing center floor.  


ABOG was one of the first medical certification boards to move its oral Certifying Examinations from hotels to a professional testing center location more than 25 years ago. The new building design will modernize the testing center and enhance the assessments with larger examination rooms, including the added functionality of audiovisual equipment.  The new testing rooms will be flexible to facilitate incorporation of future innovations in certification assessments. Also included in the new facility will be an orientation center, personal belongings storage, and wellness rooms to support candidates more fully through the testing experience.  


New meeting spaces will improve the experience of ABOG volunteers who are part of item writing, exam development, standard setting, subspecialty divisions, committees, and specialty meetings with technology and flexibilities to facilitate collaboration and efficient operations.  A media center will support webinar and video production and virtual meeting participation.  All parking will be housed underground.  


ABOG offers voluntary board certification to obstetricians and gynecologists in the United States. The non-profit organization is one of the oldest medical specialty boards in the country, having been organized in 1927 and incorporated in 1930. The original portion of the old office building was built in 1980. ABOG purchased the building in the mid-nineties upon moving its headquarters to Dallas from Seattle, Washington. Over the years, additional sections were added on to the original structure, while some areas underwent minor renovations. 


For additional information, visit the FAQs on this topic.  


ABOG administers Qualifying (written) and Certifying (oral) Examinations to physicians who seek certification in obstetrics and gynecology. ABOG also offers certification in five subspecialties. The non-profit organization certifies approximately 1,500 OB GYNs and about 250 subspecialists each year. ABOG also offers a Maintenance of Certification program that supports approximately 35,000 diplomates (board-certified physicians) using a web portal-based program. Learn more about ABOG and board certification at abog.org.