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ABOG Celebrates Grand Opening of New National Center for OB GYNs

January 19, 2024


The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG) celebrated the grand opening of its new state-of-the-art center on Thursday, January 18. The ceremony, which featured a reception, speeches, and a ribbon cutting, was attended by members of the ABOG Board of Directors, staff, stakeholders, and partners involved in the construction. 


Constructed over a two-year period, the new facility reflects ABOG’s dedication to meeting the demands of today’s complex and technology-focused certification processes and programs and is a testament to ABOG’s commitment to advancing health care in the OB GYN community across North America. 


Originally built in 1980, ABOG’s previous testing center was purchased in the mid-90s upon moving its headquarters from Seattle, Washington to Dallas, Texas. ABOG was one of the first medical certification boards to move its oral Certifying Exams from hotels to a professional testing center location. The aging infrastructure of the 40-year-old building posed challenges, including increased maintenance costs and inefficiencies in energy usage and technology delivery. 


The new facility enhances ABOG’s ability to conduct certifying exams, item writing sessions, and large meetings with greater efficiency and effectiveness by providing increased capacity, flexibility, and functionality. It includes 59 exam rooms, 54 offices, 12 conference rooms, 11 lactation rooms, 5 breakout rooms, and 4 wellness rooms. 


The new meeting spaces with enhanced technology and flexibilities will help facilitate efficient collaboration to improve the experience of ABOG volunteers, and the audiovisual-equipped exam rooms, increased number of meeting rooms, orientation center, and wellness rooms will support certification candidates more fully throughout their testing experience. 


“I feel very privileged to have this position and to build on the vision of previous executive directors and boards and to take it further into the future,” said Amy E. Young, MD, ABOG Executive Director. “The grand opening of our state-of-the-art testing center marks a momentous occasion of a decade-long process. The building not only serves as a hub to build connection and professional identity for our diplomates but also symbolizes a commitment to providing safe care for women nationwide.”