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2021 MOC COVID-19 Updates

Posted January 27, 2021


The evolving COVID pandemic continues to impact our diplomates and the entire health care system. Thus, ABOG will continue all pandemic response measures for the 2021 MOC year which include the following:



Incentivized Articles in January and May 2021 Release


  • All articles released within ABOG’s MOC Part II Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment in January and May this 2021 MOC year will be designated as incentivized. 
  • Each incentivized article has eight questions to complete (instead of the usual four).
  • ABOG Diplomates will read half the number of required articles (15 instead of the usual 30) but still answer a total of 120 questions to complete the requirement for 2021 MOC year.
  • There will be no articles released in August as diplomates will be able to complete their article requirements using the incentivized process.
  • This incentivization applies to both OB GYN specialists and subspecialists.



Grant MOC Part IV Improvement in Medical Practice (IMP) credit 


  • Diplomates who participate in the 2021 MOC year will be automatically granted Part IV IMP credit in recognition for the COVID-19 practice improvement that they will continue to do this year during the evolving pandemic.
  • If diplomates have completed the IMP requirement prior to this ABOG action, ABOG will apply the credit towards their 2022 MOC year.



Extend MOC Re-Entry Exam deadline 


  • The deadline to take and pass the ABOG MOC Re-Entry Exam will be extended through June 30, 2021 to allow physicians to have more time to take and pass the exam. 



Release additional COVID-19 articles


  • There will be additional COVID-19 articles included in the 2021 MOC year, especially regarding COVID-19 vaccines.



If you have any questions, please contact the MOC Department at moc@abog.org or 214.871.1619.