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Case Log

    Candidates must submit a 12-month case log documenting a practice that demonstrates sufficient depth and breadth of focused practice in MIGS. The case log must document evidence of focused practice by having a minimum of 100 minimally invasive gynecologic surgical procedures in patients with benign and complex gynecologic conditions in the 12-month collection period. They must have cases in more than one category on the case log meeting the minimum number of cases for those categories and the combined total number must be 100 surgical cases or more. Additionally, the cases must be ones in which the candidate was the primary surgeon and cannot include cases performed during fellowship.


    Case logs that do not meet the breadth and depth of surgical experience requirements for the Focused Practice Designation in MIGS will be reviewed by an ABOG Committee for application approval. A draft example of the case log follows. Candidates will be asked to submit the case log at the time of application.





    • A Case Log form must be completed as a part of the application process. The form must be completed and submitted online.
    • The deadline for submission of all application materials, including the case log, is March 30, 2021.
    • The numbers reported in the case log must be from any consecutive 12-month period between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2020.



    Example of Case Log Form




     Type of ProcedureNumber of Procedures
    Hysteroscopy (minimum of 10 cases)
         Septum/isthmocele resection 
         Endometrial resection 
    Laparoscopy (minimum of 20 cases) 
         Adnexal surgery 
         Endometriosis surgery (Stage III and IV) 
    Minimally invasive hysterectomy (minimum of 20 cases) 
         Laparoscopic hysterectomy +/- BSO 
         Robotic hysterectomy +/- BSO 
         LAVH +/- BSO 
         Vaginal hysterectomy +/- BSO 
     TOTAL (must be at least 100)