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Continued Enhancements

Health Equity and Patient Safety Articles

In 2018, the Patient Safety and Communication course (previously required in MOC Year 3) was replaced with articles in a new Patient Safety category, now called Health Equity and Patient Safety. To offer important safety information throughout lifelong learning, diplomates (specialists and subspecialists) will read one Health Equity and Patient Safety article and answer questions each year to satisfy the Health Equity and Patient Safety requirement.  See Article Assignments for details.

Article Selection Limits to Meet MOC Requirements

  • 15 articles must be selected and eight questions answered per article to complete MOC. You're limited to accessing the questions to the first 15 articles selected.
  • You can read any additional MOC articles at your convenience; however, you can only access questions for 15 articles.
  • Once you've submitted answers to each of the eight questions for 15 articles, you'll be unable to access additional questions unless additional CME credits are purchased.

Answer Submission Limits and Performance Feedback

  • You'll receive immediate feedback after answers are submitted.
  • After viewing any incorrect answers, you'll have one additional opportunity to correct and submit answers.
  • Only the initial answers submitted will contribute to the Performance Pathway eligibility score of 86%. The second (and final) submitted answers will be used to calculate the MOC percentage (80% correct is required to meet the MOC requirement).

User Authentication

  • For enhanced security, user-authentication questions may appear randomly when submitting assessment question answers. Be prepared to answer questions based on personal biodata, such as year of birth or home ZIP code.
  • If an authentication question appears, you'll need to answer it correctly before you can submit answers for that article.
  • Failure to answer a user-authentication question correctly will prevent you from submitting questions for that specific article.