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After You're Certified: Time for MOC

What Happens After You're Certified?


After passing the Certifying Exam, you’re a Diplomate. In your first year as a Diplomate, you’re introduced to continuing certification (also know as Maintenance of Certification or “MOC”). While there’s an annual fee ($275) for participating in MOC, as a first-year Diplomate and in recognition of your accomplishment, ABOG waives your first annual fee.


MOC is based on a six-year cycle, and it has requirements and tasks to complete on an annual basis. MOC  has evolved tremendously over the last 20 years and is currently made up of four parts, including the Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment (LLS) component (article-based component with four questions answered per article). If your LLS running average over the course of your six-year MOC cycle is ≥86%,  you become eligible for the Performance Pathway.


Here's a short video about Performance Pathway.


You’ll come to know the Performance Pathway well, as it can provide the opportunity to receive credit for the Year 6 MOC Exam (meaning you wouldn’t have to take the exam!).



Chart explaining Performance Pathway Eligibility