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FLS Certification Standard for 2020-2021 Academic Year Graduates

During the current COVID-19 public health emergency response, many residents and programs are working to care for their patients, families and communities. Your priorities need to be the patients that you serve, your loved ones, and yourselves. ABOG will be making temporary adjustments to some certification requirements and deadlines to help you prioritize your energy and efforts to your most pressing needs.


Out of an abundance of caution about your safety and health, SAGES closed all Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) testing centers through May 31st. Some sites will be closed beyond May 31st. This means that their skills practice and testing are temporarily unavailable. Residents have been notified that testing within this time frame is cancelled and will be rescheduled. The FLS website also explains more information about staged test center openings, additional future testing opportunities, and extension of voucher expiration dates. Please visit the FLS website for updated information regarding test center availability.


Graduates applying for the 2021 OB GYN Qualifying Examination (QE) may be affected by these closures and test cancellations. To accommodate you in this emergency response situation, ABOG will permit those who have been affected by the cancellation of FLS exams to take the 2021 QE without FLS certification by the posted deadlines. 


However, residency graduates who pass the 2021 QE will be required to provide documentation of FLS certification to become active candidates for the OB GYN Specialty Certifying Examination. This means that these physicians must achieve FLS certification to be eligible to move forward as an Active Candidate for OB GYN certification.


The COVID-19 public health emergency and its response are an evolving situation. As this crisis response continues, ABOG is monitoring the pandemic. We will make any necessary accommodations to help you provide needed patient care during your residency and prepare for OB GYN practice and certification. 


Please contact the ABOG Office at 214-871-1619 with any questions or concerns or email exams@abog.org.



Date: May 6, 2020  | Additional information about FLS available in the FAQs