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FLS Certification Standard for 2021-2022 Academic Year Graduates

Please visit the FLS website for updated information regarding test center availability.


Graduates applying for the 2022 OB GYN Qualifying Examination (QE) are permitted to take the 2022 Qualifying Exam and receive the QE results. 


However, residency graduates who pass the 2021 QE will be required to provide documentation of FLS certification to become active candidates for the OB GYN Specialty Certifying Examination. This means that these physicians must achieve FLS certification to be eligible to move forward as an Active Candidate for OB GYN certification.


FLS certificates may be emailed to fls@abog.org.



Please contact the ABOG Office at 214-871-1619 with any questions or concerns or email exams@abog.org.



Additional information about FLS available in the FAQs