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Physician Wellness

ABOG wants to encourage wellness by providing helpful resources to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Click on any of the resources below to learn how to reduce stress and prevent burnout.




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  6 Strategies for Improving Your Emotional Health

The National Institutes of Health teaches how to improve your emotional health.




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  6 Tips to Protect Against Burnout

Learn how to protect against physician burnout with some help from the American Medical Association.



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Physician Wellness: Preventing Resident and Fellow Burnout

   Learn how to create your own wellness program during your residency with steps outlined by the AMA.





Eat Right and Exercise: Advice Doctors Should Also Take to Heart

   Learn more about the "SELF CARE" model based on eight evidence-based practices to promote physician wellness from the AMA.



Wellness References: Inspiring and Educational Media and Scientific Literature

   View the wellness resources put together by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG).




Additional Resources